Auto Repair Marketing By Motor Service Marketing

Auto Repair Marketing By Motor Service Marketing

Auto repair marketing for higher profits.

Auto Repair Marketing direct mail is not about the price-per-card-mailed. In other words – how cheap can you put ink on paper. It is about the quality of customer who comes through your door. You will never change your income until you change your thinking about your approach to auto repair marketing.

Auto Repair Marketing greatness comes from mastering the art and science of creating PREFERENCE for your auto repair marketing over all other shops in your market area. 

What do I mean by auto repair marketing greatness?

First, putting out of your mind forever the word “Car Count”. When it comes to auto repair direct mail marketing, Car Count means nothing more than large numbers of low income customers. Busy work with little or no profit. And you – just hoping that a few respondents might have a little money so you can at least break even.

Second, Stop thinking that “Low Price-Per-Card” is the secret weapon to good auto repair advertising direct mail. It is just the opposite!

You must begin focusing only on selling the “High Income Fine Car Customer”! If it costs you a few more pennies per card – that is unimportant. What is important is what comes through your door on the back end. The big bucks -or- the nickles and dimes (that you thought you were saving by going cheap on the front end).

High income customers mean high profits. They are the only marketing target worth aiming at with your auto repair marketing direct mail or web site. If you are still running cheap, fast and easy auto repair marketing postcards, that bring in mostly low income customers, you are losing money.

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If You Think Cheap Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail Is Actually Cheap, Think About This.

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