Marketing Auto Repair To Deliver New High Income Customers

Marketing Auto Repair To Deliver New High Income Customers

Your marketing auto repair decides which of these customers walk through your door.

These two people are not equally attracted by the same auto repair marketing appeal. Barrel man is looking for cheap. Superman is looking for quality and great customer service. Which one is your marketing auto repair direct mail bringing to your shop? Which one do you want?

Marketing Auto Repair Must Keep Up As The Times Change

17 years ago, the auto repair shop owner said to the Hunter representative. “WHAT! – A wheel balancer for $10,000!!!?? I can get a bubble balancer for $75. Are you crazy?”

5 years later he buys the Hunter and wished he had bought it 5 years earlier. But even today, when it comes to marketing auto repair direct mail, you hear a similar prehistoric strategy.

“Cost per card – cost per card,” and “Car Count – Car Count”. These are the standard considerations of the average auto shop owner when thinking about marketing auto repair. The owner who is still searching for something new with his auto repair marketing that will finally attract the high income customer. But, he will not ever look outside his price range.

Don’t Miss This One…
The goal of auto repair marketing direct mail IS NOT to see if you can find the cheapest way to get ink on a postcard.

The goal of auto repair marketing is to bring in as many high income fine car money customers as possible. That is why “Car Count” and “Cost-Per-Card” are both  meaningless!

These terms have nothing to do with selling the right customer. They have to do only with saving outgoing money on your auto repair marketing purchase. But they take no consideration of the loss in profits caused by attracting low income customers. Both of these terms represent the trading of pennies for hundreds – even thousands of dollars on the new customer side.

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