Auto Service Marketing – At Last A Program That Increases Income

Auto Service Marketing – At Last A Program That Seriously Increases Income. However – you will see the benefits of significantly higher income ONLY if you make the choice to select an auto service marketing program that delivers fine car high income customers. And I mean fine car high income customers only. That is where the money is.

The Ad-Card auto service marketing program delivers high income customers.

Car count is meaningless. Fine car high income car count means everything. Cost per card mailed is meaningless. High income profits per new customer gained means everything. Don’t be fooled by a low up front price! If you followed this same low cost strategy with you shop equipment, you’d still be using a bubble balancer by comparison. It’s time for some great auto service marketing.

Almost all auto repair shops select option 1. Why?

  • Because it’s cheap.
  • They have been trained by the large cheap marketing companies to look at the price per card mailed and car count on the front end instead of the profit outcome on the customer end. Their eyes are on the wrong goal for their auto service marketing.
  • They think that cost per card is the same as cost per lead. Not even close. The card is simply a tool. The lead is your bread and butter! 
  • They don’t realize that there is an auto service marketing direct mail program that can save them from having to waste large amounts of time and money weeding through 5 low income “NO” customers – to get just 1 “YES” customer. This can make the Ad-Card program the cheapest auto service marketing program of them all. Because Ad-Card does the weeding for you, eliminating the need for your high paid staff to do it.
  • They don’t know that  the Ad-Card auto service marketing program can deliver almost all high income customers selected by car make and year. This makes the number of “YES” customers far outweigh the “NO” customers.
  • These shop owners don’t know that by using the same kind of auto service marketing program that all the other shops are using, you all just look alike. There is no reason to select you over another shop.

For maximum financial success with your auto service marketing, you need to hit the right car owner with the right message and assumptions. A program that will be sent to and bring in only high income customers. 

But every auto service marketing company will tell you they are high income targeted. But it is how they do it that makes all the difference between success and failure financially.

There Are 3 Ways To Target The High Income Customer

  1. The Worst Way! Carrier route saturation auto service marketing by median income using Every Door Direct Mail. Targeting done by median income for each carrier route. Median means middle. So if you choose $60,000 as your median income, half are 60 and above. The other half are 60 and below. You are still targeting large numbers of low income customers. These coupon hunter customers are the ones most likely to respond. They prey on cheap auto service marketing. 4 to 8 coupons on a large flimsy postcard attracts cheap customers but repels the fine car customer. Side note: Ever since Every Door Direct Mail began, the amount of auto service marketing direct mail has doubled and tripled due to low cost. If you don’t have a specific, personalized way to get the lead’s attention, your card is dropped in the trash instantly like the other 10 auto shop cards in the mail that day.
  2. The second worst way. Income targeted auto service marketing individual mailings. This method used to work quite well before the over saturation of direct mail. Income targeting, again based on median incomes, still delivers mostly low income customers if you use the shop appeal strategy.
  3. The Only Way If You Are Looking To Seriously Increase Your Income. Car owner auto service marketing targeted by make, model and year. Car Make Marketing to reach the cars you make the most money on. The cars you know have a high income owner. The cars your technicians are the best on.
  4. Car Make Auto Service Marketing is the only strategy that makes any sense.

When you finally start looking to double or triple your income and eliminate 50% of your time being wasted on low income customers who say NO to everything. Car Make auto service marketing is the only way to go. The only way to seriously increase your income.

Many shop owners think that a great website is all you need to keep you shop filled with great customers. And, that there isn’t even a need any more for auto service marketing direct mail. However, if most of your auto service marketing is electronic, you could be missing a huge portion of the best customers in your market area. Why?

Here’s The Big Question?
Who Is On The Internet Looking For Auto Service Shops?

  1. The price shopper looking for the cheapest price.
  2. The car owner who just moved into the area.
  3. The guy who has finally had enough with the auto service shop he is going to and is looking for a new shop.
  4. The dealership customer who is tired of paying high prices.

Let’s estimate that this group makes up about 50% of the auto repair customers in your area.

Here’s The Other Big Question?
Who Is Not On The Internet Looking For Auto Service Shops?

  • Car owners who are perfectly happy with the auto service shop they are going to now.
  • Car owners who have been going to one shop for some time, but have in the back of their mind – maybe there is something better out their. But haven’t started looking yet.
  • The car owner who really dislikes their current shop but at the moment when it’s time to take the car in for service, it’s just easier to go back than to them then start looking around for someone new.

Let’s say this group makes up the other 50% of your market.

If you do not have auto service marketing direct mail going out to these customers, you are missing a full half of the potential auto repair customers in you market area.

So – If You Are Going To Do Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail…

You might as well be using the only auto service marketing company who has perfected The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service to the fine car customer. Ad-Card by Motor Service Marketing has been doing just that for the last 29 years.

Ad card works through trusted and proven design techniques as well as income targeting by car make and year with the DMV auto repair mailing list.

Are You ready to start getting paid by your auto service marketing? Low income customers can’t pay you. Only the fine car high income customers have the money to pay you. It’s time to make a change.

Auto service marketing, by Motor Service Marketing. Do it right the first time.

THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE! This is what auto service marketing is all about. Bring in large numbers of fine car high income customers and the increase in YOUR INCOME will take care of itself.

Are you ready to start looking into some serious auto service marketing? Auto Service Marketing by Motor Service Marketing using the Ad-Card Direct Mail Program. See below:

Auto service marketing that delivers your every postcard to a fine car owner, by car make and year.

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